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SAM 2014: Living the Complexity – Cultural Biology: Complex Thinking in Expansion
To a broader understanding of the human being and its relationship dynamics
Dal 03/09/2014 al 07/09/2014

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The models that have dominated for centuries are now dying; despite this,however,you can see the inability of a large number of people and organizations,to identify new models to replace the current and to enable us toward: To reformulate education in schools and universities; Sustainable production systems; A new dimension to our relationship with the natural environment; A broader understanding of the human being and its relationship dynamics. Thanks to the contribution of these meetings,participants will broaden their minds and abandon the classical perspective and now dying,which is based on reason,certainty,confidence,simplification and separation,and change,however,their strategies knowledge and the operational dynamics and relationships that need to be recognized as a biological and cultural complex. There are two conceptual frameworks from which the rapporteurs propose this new vision: the complex thinking of Edgar Morin and Biology Cultural Ximena Davila and Humberto Maturana. The biological and cultural foundation is the meta-principle that acts as a catalyst for expanding the complex thinking,in an unprecedented expansion of the forms of living and living together in the three main organizations of our society: The family organization; The educational and scientific organization; The organization of production. The invitation to reflection will revolve around: The depletion of existing models; The transition from simplified thinking to complex thinking; The Cultural Biology,meta-principle to think about the complexity; Co-Versing vs other organic cultural practices conversational (coaching,mediation,dialogue,etc.). Conversational Capital: Co-Versing collaborative from the cultural biological matrix,as a way to expand the complex thinking; The transformations necessary to achieve in the way of living and living together in the three key domains (family,education,manufacturing),where we humans relate and work. YOGA OF KASHMIR Course by Anna Sclaverano,to listen to the body,in an open and receptive way,without references,without goals to achieve. SEMINARS MANAGED BY TRAINEES To present their work,those who wish may send an abstract of no more than 1000 words to autopoiesi.sam @ by August 20. The scientific committee will select no more than three themes and promptly give notice thereof to the authors. In the case of publication of the proceedings of the SAM,they will also publish a summary of the work presented. COST OF ENTRY BY JULY 31: 150 euro BY AUGUST 20: 250 euro Students and under 25 years old: FREE For payment,bank transfer to: Rossella Mascolo IBAN IT30B36000032000CA009025952 COST FOR THE ACCOMODATION AT LOCANDA MINERVA - RESERVED FOR TRAINEES ROOMS WITH THREE OR FOUR BEDS HALF BOARD: 40 EURO FULL BOARD: 55 EURO For reservations: WWW.MONTEMINERVA.COM; WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/LOCANDAMINERVA; Mail: LOCANDA.MINERVA@GMAIL.COM PHONE: +393289226392 MARIA; + 393939666611 BRUNO

Rossella Mascolo

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