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Visit to Sardinia is the new guide, published by the Sardinian Mare Nostrum Editor, wich comes in size: 12x21 cm
  • 496 pages and over 500 photos
  • archaeological, cultural and gastronomic sites
  • beaches, cities and small towns, inland and coasts
  • detailed descriptions of stunning places and itineraries
  • maps divided by area
The Book is a great way to know the island of Sardinia and will be your best travelling partner.

VISIT IN SARDINIA is written and edited by Sardinians!

Suitable for those who does not dwell in the place just for a visit but wants to know the real history and traditions. Inside the publication you'll find: what is good and what's not, where and for what it's worth attention.
The maps also enable even the less experienced traveler to reach every corner and every village of the coast and inland. Simple symbols are placed to indicate the presence of:
Archaeological sites, beaches, camp sites, airports, ports and railways, roads, sanctuaries and churches, caves, lakes, forests and mountains.

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